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Get Your Spankin'

Think R. Kelly is the reigning king of bootylicious sex jams? The Philadelphia/Brooklyn-based rap group Spank Rock might make you reconsider. MC Naeem "Spank Rock" Juwan, who sounds like a young Q-Tip, spits sexed-up lyrical tales about cock-teasing dancers ("Backyard Betty"), flirtatious pickups ("Touch Me") and straight-up booty-shaking ("Bump"). With elements of old-school electro, Baltimore club and UK grime in their music, the group would seem to be the perfect in-house band for a strip club. They even tried to have their Yoyoyoyoyo album release party at the strip club they frequent in their native Baltimore.

"They weren't into it, which was kind of fucked up," says Spank Rock producer and backing emcee Alex Epton — a.k.a. Armani XXXChange. "For the amount of money I spend in that place, they should have let us do it." They've probably heard that one before.
Mon., April 24, 8 p.m.


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