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Good Vibrations

If your New Year’s resolution involves living healthier, maybe you could skip the big-ass cake and head down to the Bay-Fest Farmers’ and Holistic Lifestyles Market today. It’s a place where the fruits and veggies are all organic, the remedies for life’s ills aren’t stamped with a Pfizer logo, and the Food and Drug Administration is just another name for The Man.

“Scientists throw everything that doesn’t fit into their mold into the ‘new age’ category,” says Darla Meng, who sells her “therapeutic gemstone jewelry” at the market. “The truth is, most of these things have been used for ages.” She says her gemstones “vibrate” at different “levels,” inducing the body’s own healing powers. “Everything that comes from the earth has some healing properties, including stones,” Meng says.

Other vendors will offer up raw honey, beeswax candles, dried herbs, hemp seeds, salt from the Himalayas (what the Dalai Lama puts on his French fries), milk straight out of the udder and meat products from animals that organizers guarantee have been raised and killed humanely. The Representatives and Teachers of Alternative Healing Practices will be on hand to show you natural methods of boosting your mood, bettering your sleep and improving your perception. And you won’t have to “ask your doctor” about anything.
Saturdays, 12-4 p.m., 2007


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