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German artist Josef Felix Müller destroyed his own property but made serious art when he used his studio floor to make a series of woodcuts. Making prints from the woodcuts was something of a challenge for the artist — traditional printing methods were out of the question. So he asked a group of dancers to slide over the inked woodcuts using choreographed movements. The results, four huge prints, are on view at the Museum of Fine Arts's new exhibition, "Singular Multiples: The Peter Blum Edition Archive, 1980-1994," along with video showing how Müller made them. The largest ever graphic arts museum exhibition of the late 20th century, "Singular Multiples" consists of prints published by the American art critic and dealer Peter Blum, plus the sketches, tools and proofs that helped create them. The three-part series (shows two and three open in May and July) will display some 400 works; the first, opening today, focuses on European neo-Expressionists, including Sandro Chia, Francesco Clemente, Enzo Cucchi and, of course, Müller.
April 23-Oct. 15


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