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“Great New Work”

Naming an art show “Great New Work,” as the Joanna has, could be seen as pretentious, but this exhibit totally walks the walk.

The Joanna’s latest group show features pieces, in a variety of media, made by a talented quartet of creative types that includes two locals and two out-of-towners, including Ryan Lauderdale of Brooklyn, New York.

“The video piece I am making is an appropriated Disney movie that I am trying to distill down to its more spiritual nature,” says Lauderdale. “The story is about a logging company CEO who finds gnomes in the forest his company is logging. I’ve attempted to slow things down, literally screwing the film and reassembling to try to get at the transcendental and abstract heart of the story.”

There’s an opening reception at 8 p.m. on Saturday. Regular viewing hours are by appointment only. Through October 15. 1401 Branard. For information, call 713-825-1803 or visit Free.
Sept. 17-Oct. 15, 2011


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