Gulf Coast Film Festival

Pay attention to Nikki and Polly Palomino’s The Rug, because you might see it again on prime-time television. A finalist in this weekend’s Gulf Coast Film Festival, The Rug is also being optioned by Fox. “We’re going to go shoot six additional more minutes to make this short into a series for a pilot,” says Polly Palomino. The Rug follows Sonny, a bumbling, wannabe mob boss, and his sidekick, who attempt to transport a body by wrapping it up in a rug and asking Sonny’s clueless nephew Frankie to move it for them. The television series will follow different ways in which Sonny employs the clueless Frankie to help him carry out his dirty deeds, which, if they end up anything like The Rug, should make for some pretty funny water cooler discussions. The Rug screens at 11:23 a.m. today. Other shorts include Still Tippin’ on Hobos, a music video based on the lives of homeless people, and The Guns for Christmas Trilogy, a drama about a man who comes home while his house is being robbed, which gets the tape rolling today at 9:30 a.m.
Sat., Sept. 15, 11:23 a.m.

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