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Henry Rollins

After legendary hardcore band Black Flag broke up, lead singer Henry Rollins wasn’t ready to step off the soap box or give up the microphone. Not only did he form a new band, Rollins Band, but he also started spreading his word sans fast guitars and heavy drumbeats. The tattoo-covered muscle man has proven he’s equal parts brain and brawn, with more than 20 spoken-word albums and DVDs, a number of world and national tours, countless interviews for documentaries and television specials, and even his own talk show on the Independent Film Channel. Rollins is a household name in the realms of all things musical and left-wing, and he continues to tour with spoken-word performances that could be mistaken for stand-up routines. His rants about current events, entertainment and politics are injected with enough humor and intensity to drum up a Bill Hicks or Sam Kinison reference, and with the 2008 elections on the horizon and Bush continuing to earn criticism from both sides of the political spectrum, you can bet he’ll have plenty of fuel to light his liberal fire at 8 p.m.
Thu., Sept. 20, 8 p.m.


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