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Honky-tonk Hendrix

Don't let the cowboy hat and the "Ah, shucks" attitude fool you - Junior Brown isn't just any country guitarist. This is what Jimi Hendrix would sound like if he were stranded in a honky-tonk. Of course, Brown sings in a rich baritone and plays a guit-steel - a dual-handled electric guitar and country steel guitar - but you get the idea. Brown does wild and wonderful things with this instrument he invented, and as a result, he has plenty of hard rock purists, jazz lovers and guitar groupies in his audiences. Many of Brown's fans will tell you that they don't really like country but somehow love Brown. While he's rooted in country, he isn't bound to it. He takes side trips to jazz, blues, rock and even a little lounge music. And he has a sense of humor. Take the lyrics to "My Wife Thinks You're Dead": "Go find another ex-sweetheart to hang around instead / Because you're wanted by the police / And my wife thinks you're dead." Come on, even for a country song, that's funny.
Sun., July 30, 7 p.m.


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