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Hoob Job

Anyone who's had his ear tuned to mainstream rock radio for any part of this decade has been subject to "Crawling in the Dark," "Running Away" and "The Reason." Pop-rock fans know these as the three biggest hits by the Los Angeles quartet Hoobastank, whose name has no meaning (it just sounds goofy).

To show their appreciation for the fans who have helped push the Grammy-nominated rock band up the pop charts, the Hoobs will play a free show today at Warehouse Live as part of their "Every Fan for Himself" fan-appreciation tour. At the show, expect to hear the hits and a good chunk of new material off their forthcoming third major-label release, Every Man for Himself. On their latest single, the toy-piano-driven "If I Were You," the band tweaks its sound, which critics have scrutinized as being too similar to Incubus. But hey, it's a free show.
Wed., April 26, 7:30 p.m.


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