Hooked Up

We're fairly certain that most of the people who'll come to hear Peter Hook, the bassist for Joy Division and New Order, spin records at 1415 today are retro-heads — born long after JD's Ian Curtis killed himself in 1980. (Hey, at least there'll be one person there who lived through it all.) Hook's droning bass in Joy Division brought a smart sensibility to punk, and his influential — and kickin' — work with New Order spurred self-absorbed hipsters to break out of their shell and dance. Also appearing: Mani, the bassist for Stone Roses and Primal Scream and a driving force behind Manchester's early-'90s music scene. Your night of retro love begins at 9 p.m. 1415 California. For tickets, call 713-522-7066 or visit www.boysandgirlsclubonline.com. $12 to $15.
Wed., Jan. 18

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