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It's a Wonderful Life: Unscripted

Don't walk into the ComedySportz production of It's a Wonderful Life: Unscripted expecting a stage version of the Frank Capra movie by the same name. For one thing, Capra's classic film had a happy ending, while Unscripted's ending is a little bit more up in the air. The play has some of the same basic elements Ñ there's a sad-sack guy named George Bailey and a spirit named Clarence who's been sent to help him realize what a great life he has, but the similarities end there. During the performance, the players take suggestions from the audience as to changes for the characters or plot. So, for one performance George might be a gay chef instead of a bank executive and Clarence might be searching for a lost love letter rather than his angel's wings. Another night George could be a famous singer and Clarence could be after a rare diamond. Unlike most ComedySportz shows, the language and situations in these late-night improvisational shows are strictly meant for adults, so leave the kids at home and be ready with your suggestions for the ComedySportz players at 10:30 p.m. Saturdays. Through December 18. 901 Town and Country. For information, call 713-868-1444 or visit $12.
Saturdays, 10:30 p.m. Starts: Nov. 20. Continues through Dec. 18, 2010


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