James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell: The Blood Gospel

Think of The Blood Gospel, written by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell, as the new Da Vinci Code. The two authors are in town for a signing and discussion session with fans. Written by the pair in their first-ever collaboration, The Blood Gospel mixes history, science, religion and the supernatural into an adventure story that spans centuries. The title refers to a mysterious book said to have been written by Christ in his own blood, a book that supposedly reveals the secrets of his divinity and power.

Rollins got the idea for Blood Gospel after seeing Rembrandt's Raising of Lazarus. ''It struck me strange how scared everyone looks,'' Rollins says via press materials, ''and this started me down a road of reflection about early Catholicism, vampirism, and a story began to unfold.'' Rollins knew exploring a fictional relationship between the Catholic church and vampirism, which both revere blood, could be the start of ''a huge, groundbreaking new mythology.'' Many of the church's traditions, such as hooded robes, crosses and the ritualistic transformation of wine into Christ's blood, meshed neatly with vampire mythology. And then there's that belief in raising up the dead which both share. Rollins also knew he didn't want to attempt the project alone. Enter Cantrell. It seems to have been a perfect match, with Rollins providing the science and action while Cantrell contributed the suspense and history.
Thu., Jan. 10, 6:30 p.m., 2013


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