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JoJo Moyes: Me Before You

English novelist Jojo Moyes has written a different kind of love story in her latest title, Me Before You; it's about letting go. Moyes, in town for a signing and discussion, weaves a tale about twentysomething Lou. She's lost her waitress job, and, desperate to keep money flowing to her family, takes a temporary position working with Will, a quadriplegic. There's an emphasis on the ''temporary'' aspect because Will is determined to end his life through an assisted suicide. Moyes takes what could be a routine romance with a rainbows-and--butterflies ending and makes it a smart, sophisticated discussion about the right to die and, more importantly, the right to live a truly fulfilling life. Me Before You has made it to the top of several best-book-of-the-year lists in Moyes's native England. American critics and readers are sure to respond with the same enthusiasm.
Mon., Jan. 14, 7 p.m., 2013


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