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Kimberly Akimbo

The biting satire Kimberly Akimbo makes its Houston premiere in a production by Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company. Directed by Ron Jones, Kimberly is a dark comedy about a teenaged girl who has a rare disease that makes her rapidly age. She's 16 years old, but she looks and feels like she's 72; soon she'll die. Surrounding her are her hypochondriac and very pregnant mother, alcoholic father and scheming aunt. When a schoolmate asks if he can write a paper on Kimberly's condition, she agrees and the two begin a friendship that's the closest thing to normalcy she's ever known. But her family, ever self-absorbed, complicates the situation and threatens to sabotage Kimberly's one chance at happiness, and she's in a hurry to pack as much as she can into what little life she has left.

''What's a couple of days?'' one character asks Kimberly. ''In Kimberly time, it's about a week and a half. It's like dog years,'' she answers. Carolyn Boone, Kim Tobin-Lehl, Jennifer Decker, Luke Fedell and Ty Doran make up the cast.
Mondays, Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: Nov. 29. Continues through Dec. 15, 2012


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