Letter from the Girl, Mailed at the Gas Station

Hailing from a cinematic netherworld whose denizens include directors David Lynch and Robert Aldrich, Enid Baxter Blader has arrived from Weirdville, USA, to freak you further. Her latest experimental video, Letter from the Girl, Mailed at the Gas Station, re-creates the opening minutes of Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly and then detours into a dreamscape of American desert mythology, B-movies and film noir. Shot as a hybrid of digital video and 16-millimeter film and set on a winding highway through the Hollywood hills, Letter explores the menacing trend of modern video surveillance while winking at cinema history. Imagine '50s private eye Mike Hammer letting loose on Lynch's Mulholland Dr., and you're almost there. Pedigree: Letter cinematographer Gregory Kucera was art director for the 2000 post-noir thriller Memento.

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