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Love and Haiti

Despite its sunny Caribbean location, life isn't easy in Haiti, and a busy Atlantic hurricane season isn't even the half of it. Not up on the latest Haitian coup d'état? The folks at Voices Breaking Boundaries bring you up to speed with their double screenings of Kevin Pina's documentaries Haiti: Harvest of Hope and Haiti: The Untold Story. The former sets the scene for the current political climate by telling the story of the Lavalas movement, which swept on-again, off-again former president (and sometimes political prisoner) Jean-Bertrand Aristide into office in 1990. The latter sheds new light on the ousting and international villainization of the popular Aristide in 2004 and his replacement by current prez Gérard Latortue. There's more drama on this coast than over at Laguna Beach. Both movies screen at 7 p.m. Friday, January 13, and today. Addisaba Ethiopian Restaurant, 7668 De Moss. For information, call 713-524-7821 or visit $5.
Jan. 13-14


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