Manhattan Short Film Festival

You’ll be part of an international jury at today’s Manhattan Short Film Festival. Houston is one of 99 cities around the world screening 12 shorts (culled from 456 entries) this week as part of the festival. Included in the lineup is American Sonja Jasansky’s “Lines,” which, like many of the festival’s films, was made with a shoestring budget and a crew of mostly family and friends. “Lines follows Gretel, a high school girl with a rebellious streak who decides she’s had enough after a teacher keeps her after class to write lines on the chalkboard. Kenyan Diego Quemada-Diez’s “I Want to Be a Pilot” shows life in a Nairobi slum. Omondi, a boy living in heartbreaking poverty and despair, sees planes flying overhead and dreams of being a pilot. Quemada-Diez shot the short while he was in Africa working as a camera operator for The Constant Gardener. Following today’s screening, the audience will vote for their favorite short. Winners will be announced at next week.
Fri., Sept. 28, 8 p.m., 2007

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