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Mike Epps

Since the early ‘90s, Michael Jackson has been God’s gift to comedians (both good and bad ones).While everyone had a joke when Jackson was acquitted on his second child molestation charge in 2005, Mike Epps may have had the best: “I’m glad they didn’t get him, goddamn it. But them niggas in prison wasn’t glad; they was mad. ‘Man, I wanted him! Damn, I’ve been wantin’ to fuck Mike since I was a kid!’ They was in there practicing his dances and shit.” Then, proving he’s more than a man with a potty mouth and a sick imagination, Epps launched into a sleek impression of Michael Jackson, showing that he’s mastered the singer/sideshow’s voice and mannerisms (ones that many hack comedians have tried but failed to capture).

Epps, who was raised in Gary, Indiana (like Michael Jackson) and has appeared in the Friday sequels, sprinkles N-words and F-bombs into routines about celebrities, street life and his own history as a special-ed student. His anti-PC jokes buck against the idea that any harsh truths should be told gently. He’s inexplicably co-headlining with family-friendly, character-creating comedian Rickey Smiley today at the Verizon Wireless Theater for a show that should be like gulping a root beer float and then downing a Jägermeister bomb. 7 p.m. 520 Texas. For tickets and information, call 713-629-3700 or visit $52.75
Fri., Dec. 7, 7 p.m., 2007


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