Misha Penton and Divergence Vocal Theater: Selkie, a sea tale

The term ''staged concert'' doesn't quite cover what you'll see at Selkie, a sea tale, by Misha Penton and Divergence Vocal Theater. It's actually a multimedia music/dance/video sensory experiment with as little separating the performers and viewers as possible. ''I don't like the word 'audience,''' says singer / performer / writer Penton. ''It seems so us-versus-them. Instead, I like the idea of creating a space where people can come together and share an experience. We have fewer and fewer opportunities in the modern world to come together, face to face, and experience things. That makes this sort of [performance] all the more special.''

Penton first performed Selkie, a chamber opera based on her poetry with a haunting score composed by Elliot Cole, in 2010. Now she's recorded a CD and produced a music video based on the project. (''Who doesn't want to make a music video?'' Penton laughs.) Selkie is a collection of songs loosely based on the mythology of half-human/half-seal creatures that live in the Icelandic waters and sometimes come onto land to fall in love with humans. While connected, the songs don't tell a linear story. ''It's more evocative than a concrete story,'' says Penton.
March 29-30, 8 p.m., 2013


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