Mitch Hedberg

Back in the day, Henny Youngman was crowned "King of the One-Liner" for his famous quip "Take my wife. Please." That was then. Henny's long gone, and it's time for a new prince to take the throne. We nominate Mitch Hedberg. The man who said, "I think fettuccine Alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults" deserves some recognition. If that doesn't win you over, how about this: "I wanna be a race car passenger"Hey, mind if I play with the radio?"Man, you must really like Tide." Hedberg, a Houston comedy favorite, has appeared on Letterman, Conan and That '70s Show. His jokes may seem ordinary on paper, but his high-as-a-kite delivery makes anything hysterical. A prolific writer, the comic often develops new material during a set. You may hear the beginnings of one of Hedberg's jokes at a club only to hear it as a fully realized, hilarious bit-o-ha-ha on television later.

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