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Modern Market Film Festival

Fans of mid-century American architecture and design have their choice of several events during Houston Modern Market Week, including The Modern Market Film Festival. The series of five films focuses on a single theme, Palm Springs Modern Architecture. They examine the mid-century works — often called Desert Modernism — of Donald Wexler, William Krisel, John Lautner and others. Desert Utopia: Mid-century Architecture in Palm Springs, which opens the festival, examines the movement that would come to define modern Southwestern architecture in 20th century America as well as current efforts to preserve these aging architectural masterpieces. As with many of the festival's films, the screening will be followed by a talk. Architect and author Alan Hess is on hand for Desert Utopia.

See Desert Utopia at 7 p.m. River Oaks Theatre, 2009 West Gray. $20. Screenings continue at various times and locations through April 22. For a full schedule, visit
April 15-22, 2013


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