Nano Yo' Business

When most people reflect that "It's a small world," they aren't referring to nanobiotechnology, but they could be. The Health Museum's "It's a Nano World" exhibit is here to help us understand why. "Nano World" literally puts a giant magnifying glass on the bazillions of tiny particles in the microscopic nano-world that exists in and around us-- from the cells in the human body to the pollen that makes us sneezy in springtime. Visitors can get up close to these tiny particles through several interactive exhibits and a film, Powers of Ten. Little kids will enjoy measuring their height in nanometers (it's a whole lot more digits!). And bigger kids will find that through a pinball game featuring pollen and dust, summer allergies can be fun. The Giant Blood Drop awaits you daily through September 10.
May 27-Sept. 10

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