Only at the Alamo: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never seen Robert Downey Jr.’s Christmas film Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang — only the most ardent fans have. The 2005 caper flick features Downey Jr. as Harry Lockhart, a slightly slimy petty thief. On one of his five-finger jaunts, Harry stumbles into an audition for a private-eye role and gets picked for a screen test. (Are you keeping up here? Harry is a thief pretending to be an actor pretending to be a private detective.)

To prepare, he’s paired up with PI Gay Perry (played by Val Kilmer). Gay Perry is (duh!) gay and a hard-ass with no time to deal with a loser like Harry. Together the two get wrangled into a real murder case. With bodies stacking up, Harry gets lots of practice pretending to be a private dick.

Stick around after Kiss, Kiss and you can see Downey Jr. playing another detective — this time it’s one named Sherlock — in A Game of Shadows. 9 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse/West Oaks, 1000 West Oaks. For information, call 281-920-9211 or visit $5.
Thu., Dec. 15, 9 p.m., 2011


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