Party in the AM

When DJ AM, a.k.a. Adam Goldstein, left his hometown of Philadelphia for L.A. at age 15, he just wanted to spin records for a living. Now 32, AM is the go-to waxman for celebs: He's spun at parties for the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, J. Lo and Brad Pitt. He'll bring his serious Hollywood cred — and records — to Hue today for the Celebrity All-Star Saturday.

When he does shows in L.A., AM says, "it's bound to happen that celebrities will be there. In terms of the whole Hollywood celebrity thing, if I do one, then more people like that will ask me, 'If we end up having a party, I want you to do mine.'" (Speaking of celebs, AM recently split with The Simple Life star and Paris's ex-friend, Nicole Richie.)

Since 2004, AM has been holding down the weekend residency at Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas; he's also been hosting Wednesday nights at his own club, LAX, since its opening last August. Raised on hip-hop and turntablists like Mix Master Mike, his sister's punk rock and his parents' Elton John and Bob Marley, DJ AM has a penchant for playing a little bit of everything, and it shines through in his mix.

"The bottom line is always focus on making girls dance," he says. "If I'm playing a bunch of masculine 1995 hip-hop, it's not really conducive with a dance floor." Get the real star treatment tonight.
Sat., Feb. 18

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