Planet You

Phil Lindsey and his crew started shooting Planet You 3D last March. Just a few short months later, it's making its big-screen premiere. Produced by Houston's own Health Museum in conjunction with The Museum of Science Boston, the film chronicles the lives of the tiny, microscopic creatures that crawl all over every human being. (Yes, right now you are home to millions of mites, ticks and bacteria, all creating their own little ecosystems.) There's Demodex, Dermatophagoides, Corynebacterium and even the dreaded Pediculus. Planet You viewers will watch - in 3D no less - as a catastrophe occurs - a paper cut. They’ll also see millions of dust mites (Dermatophagoides's more common name) do a creepy crawl all over bedding and clothing looking for tasty flakes of dead skin to gobble up. Multiple showings daily. 1515 Hermann Drive. For information, call 713-521-1515 or visit Free to $8.
Starts: July 17. Daily, 2009

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