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Playing with Space

The MFAH exhibit "Joseph Havel: A Decade of Sculpture 1996-2006" embraces duality. For example, a sculpture of a stiff shirt collar and dangling buttons represents not only what is there but also what is not. Today's dance performance at the museum, Absence/Presence by CORE Performance Company, will examine the between-realms space in which Havel's work hovers. Dancers will create perceived kinetic movement from stationary objects, and by traveling through the gallery, reacting to and moving around Havel's work, they will create a show within a show (hence Presence). Essentially, you can watch the dancers watch the art, or, when they leave (Absence) just watch the art yourself. Be there (or not) at 6 p.m.
Thu., May 11, 6 p.m.


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