"Power" Players

It's rare that you get a party with this many names together at once. Today at the Station Museum, there'll be musical performances by Daniel Johnston and the Nightmares, Gibby Haynes (of Butthole Surfers fame), Tom Jones and the Floaters, the Sutcliffes and Bully Pulpit. Oh, and Kinky Friedman will be chatting, too.

Pretty badass concert, huh? Thing is, this is an art show. Today marks the official opening of "Power Pathos," a group exhibit featuring works by Johnston, Haynes, Clark Fox, Ron English and Anthony Ausgang. (The show has been up since June 21.) For lovers of underground music and art, this is the event of the summer, offering a rare chance to see the works of artists such as Johnston.

Johnston, who's now more famous than ever thanks to the recent musical Speeding Motorcycle, has offered up two of his marker, ink and paper pieces. (You'll totally dig his I Cannot Kill Everyone, which features a beast with an open skeleton head declaring his inability to off all.) Haynes's weird and colorful Fried Chicken Bunny looks like it could have been dreamed up during his trippy Hairway to Steven days. English's Bombing Begins in Five Minutes sheds a surreal light on war by imagining the serene moments just before Picasso's horrific Guernica. Ausgang's morphing, cartoony cats explain the human condition. And Fox's Who Would Jesus Bomb?, a simple painting of the Planter's Peanuts guy, is just plain funny. This all-star party gets goin' at 7 p.m.
Sat., July 8, 7 p.m.; July 8-Sept. 24

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