The puppeteer scene in Houston is simply amazing, and there’s no better annual showcase for all that talent than Puppetsploitation. The festival, presented by Bobbindoctrin, features live puppet plays and films that range from the creepy to the absolutely hilarious. Carmella Clements and Larkin Elliot debut two shadow-puppet satires at this year’s festival, including Frogophobia, which is about the late, great Marvin Zindler. “I’ve been fascinated with MZ since childhood,” said Clements via email. “His perfect balance of eccentricity and commitment to defending the little guy make him a perfect subject for puppetry. He’s a Houston folk hero.”

Joel Orr, the founder of Bobbindoctrin and the de facto majordomo of the Houston puppet-artist community, will also be working in shadow puppets this year with Problem Solver, in which a bold man sacrifices his life and family in a brave and tireless effort to imagine a better world. For the more macabre-minded, there will be a puppet slasher film showcase, and you can marvel at the artificial intelligence magic displayed by the Lowys and their Metabot.

8 p.m. April 11 and 12. Midtown Arts Center, 3414 La Branch. For information, call 713-259-1304 or visit bobbindoctrin.wordpress-.com. $13.
April 11-12, 8 p.m., 2014

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