Randy Wayne White: Night Moves

Secrets can be deadly, as we see in Randy Wayne White's latest thriller, Night Moves. The 20th installment in White's popular Doc Ford series, Night Moves has Ford and his friends becoming the targets of an unknown assassin. Ford accepts a job tracking down Flight 19, an airplane that left Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1945 and was never heard from again. Well, that's not exactly true. One crew member apparently sent his family a telegram three weeks later. As soon as Ford starts his search for the aircraft, things go very, very wrong. The plane he's in is sabotaged and crashes, there's a near-poisoning and things start exploding. It's not good. Ford and his friends don't lack for suspects. They've recently run afoul of plenty of people, including a contract killer, a Haitian drug lord, a married woman who's having an affair, her none-too-happy husband and his trigger-happy brother. But why would any of them want to stop Ford from finding Flight 19? Or is it something else they're after? Ford can't turn to authorities for help because doing so would expose a long-held secret that he wants to protect at all costs. Once the bullets start flying, Ford has to decide if he's willing to pay the price to keep his secret from coming to light.
Wed., March 13, 6:30 p.m., 2013

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