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Regifting Lions

Three choreographers explore why some people are more adept at processing trauma than others in Regifting Lions. Lynn Lane, Catalina Molnari and Toni Valle also investigate the relationships and social networks that are so essential to the recovery process. The survival of trauma, whether it's cancer or addiction or unhealthy relationships, is a heady subject, but it’s one the three women know well. ''All three of us are intimately connected with various stages of recovery and survivorship,'' Valle says via press materials. ''We found that all of us are intensely interested in discovering what makes some people succeed and some fail after trauma. We are combining our artistic voices, our histories, and our experiences in recovery and survivorship, to produce an intimate look at the healing process.''

The roles in Regifting Lions, which is accompanied by original music by George Heathco, will be danced by Jesus Acosta, Roberta Cortez, Alexandra DiNunzio, Emily Robison, Lindsey Thompson and Brit Wallis.
Oct. 25-27, 8 p.m., 2012


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