Rudy Ch. Garcia: The Closet of Discarded Dreams

Colorado writer Rudy Ch. Garcia makes it a point of skipping dream sequences in literature, often finding them unsatisfying. This habit led him to imagine a world full of nothing but illusions and eventually became the genesis of his novel The Closet of Discarded Dreams. In it, a young Chicano struggles to keep his mind intact in a realm where abandoned dreams are real. In this strange land, he struggles against the likes of Lenny Bruce, Marilyn Monroe, a midget Godzilla, vampires, Neanderthals and a black leper. If you enjoyed Neil Gaiman's remarkable look into the shadow life under the streets of London in Neverwhere, then Garcia has everything you need to fall down a rabbit hole once more. Come meet one of the new masters of modern fantasy when Garcia discusses and signs Discarded Dreams today.
Fri., Oct. 26, 5 p.m., 2012


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