Salsipuedes: A Night of Love, War, and Anchovies

You can tell by its title that Daniel Catán's Salsipuedes: A Night of Love, War, and Anchovies is not a typical night at the opera. Originally commissioned by Houston Grand Opera in 2004, the work is a comedy composed of infectious, dance-ready Caribbean music set on the exotic island of Salsipuedes. (Sal si puedes is Spanish for ''get out if you can.'') The story centers on Ulises and Chucho, two brothers who are married in a double wedding. Unfortunately for the wives, the festivities are cut short when duty calls. Ulises and Chucho are musicians, and they are asked to play the national anthem for a ship that is headed to war. Mayhem ensues when the brothers are trapped on board as the ship embarks on a mission to intercept a Nazi war craft. Buck Ross, director of the University of Houston Moores Opera Center, directs while Brett Mitchell, UH assistant professor of music, conducts. 7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Monday. 2 p.m. Sunday.
Oct. 26-29, 2012

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