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Sandra Worth

The Wars of the Roses isn’t one of the more History Channel-worthy conflicts, but its passionate lords and ladies, who undergo constant tests of loyalty and carry out delicate espionage missions, have made it fine fodder for the historical romances of Sandra Worth, a University of Toronto--educated expert on medieval England. She’s coming to Borders today to sign copies of Fall from Grace, the newly released conclusion to her multiple award-winning Rose of York cycle. The saga is about a battle within the kingdom’s royalty during a violent, dangerous era. (Did Richard III really kill the young princes? Did he really poison his wife so he could marry his niece?) The series has been applauded for its fine research, well-rounded characters and deviance from Shakespeare’s over-the-top portrayal of Richard III. Worth signs today at 2 p.m. 3025 Kirby. For information, call 713–524–0200 or visit Free.
Sat., Jan. 12, 2 p.m., 2008


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