''Sarah Gish: Mod Mandalas: The Chakra Series''

Art openings are usually cool events with lots of hipsters enjoying free wine and schmoozing. The opening reception for ''Sarah Gish: Mod Mandalas: The Chakra Series'' is going to be somewhat different. Okay, actually, very, very different. Yes, there will be artwork (more on that in a minute), hipsters and schmoozing, but there will also be free chair massages, specially catered healthy food and a chakra meditation led by a woman who, according to Gish, specializes in ''grounding work.'' Gish explains, ''I think we live in such a hectic, hectic world that we don't take time to take care of ourselves, so why not do that at the opening?''

When you see Gish's work, you’ll understand why a group meditation is more than appropriate. Her chakra series is made up of found hubcaps, each transformed into a symbolic representation of the centers of energy in the body. ''The subject matter of chakras and mandalas is really interesting to me. Hubcaps remind me of mandalas, and one day a lightblub just went off that I could combine all of that together. One piece in the show is Chakra 7. It's the chakra on the top of your head, and people say that it's where your energy comes out and goes out to God or whatever. I painted the piece purple and then decided it needed neon for a spiritual glow.''

The opening reception is at 7 p.m. October 4. Regular viewing hours are by appointment or during 14 Pews screenings.
Oct. 4-Nov. 11, 2012


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