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Simian Satire

In the riveting world of word association, "feminism" does not typically conjure "hilarity." Which is too bad, because all politicizing is better when spiked with humor (see Stewart, Jon and Franken, Al). Fortunately, the Guerrilla Girls have figured this out, and they're bringing their satire-laced feminism to Houston in association with the Blaffer Gallery's ongoing exhibition "Girls' Night Out." The 20-member troupe of comediennes and artists will perform Feminists Are Funny, in which they recollect their 20-year "herstory" of poster-making, theatrical protest and general ball-busting. The point is to tackle discrimination and sexism with satire and entertainment, which the gals do under pseudonyms (the names of dead women artists) while wearing gorilla masks. Angry activism can leave you jaded; get some laughs with your lobbying. Call or visit the web site for more information.
Thu., Feb. 9, 7 p.m.


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