"Sketchy Neighbors: Saddest Love Story Almost Never Told: Based on a True Idea"

Sketchy Neighbors, the group putting on the art exhibit “Saddest Love Story Almost Never Told: Based on a True Idea,” is known for its unorthodox approach. Members pull ideas for materials and concepts literally out of a hat.

One idea for “Love Song” was “Texas is on fire as a snow globe.” Artist Chris Thompson’s response? A snow globe constructed from a motorized one-gallon fish bowl. “It doesn’t actually contain any water; when you push the button, a fan blows torn bits of plastic trash bags around a small copper Alamo.” The design includes some air holes to facilitate the circulation; as an unintended consequence, bits of plastic bag fly out of it, sort of artistic litter. “It’s an environmental piece,” Thompson deadpans.

His other contributions to the show include a photograph of burnt toy soldiers printed on black velvet and a creature put together from the body parts of several stuffed animals. “There are ten heads, numerous tails and 15 legs on one animal,” he says. “It rides that line between cute and scary. I’m torn between hugging it and running away.”

Other participating SN members include Brenda Cruz, Katsola and Devon Moore. There’s an opening reception at 5 p.m. December 10. Regular viewing hours are by appointment. Spacetaker Artist Resource Center, 2010 Winter Street Studios, Studio 11. For information, call 713-868-1839 or visit sketchyneighbors.com. Free.
Dec. 10-30, 2011


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