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Sneaker Summit

The Sneaker Summit is an expo with a whole lotta sole. The event is designed for shoe collectors looking to expand, trade or show off their collections. “It’s kind of like a comic book convention for sneaker heads,” says Craig “BBC” Long. Collecting kicks (shoes, people) is a growing hobby, and Long says everyone from hip-hop kids to skaters to indie music fans is involved in the craze. The Summit was started four years ago by Clint “Brawnz” Antaran, and attendance has been increasing every year. Today’s meeting of shoe enthusiasts will yield a wide array of vintage, limited-edition and custom Nikes, Etnies, Adidas, Reeboks and other brands. Providing the soundtrack will be DJ Bobby Trill OG and DJ La-Low. Attendees can also expect to score some free giveaways. Long invites all curious parties to “come and kick it.” Clever.


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