Spin Art

Reverence for the record player.

When most people look at a turntable, they see a dead appliance from the '70s. But to local DJ Ceeplus, it's a blank canvas just waiting to receive creative input from the heart, mind and gut.

It's that passion for his craft that gave Ceeplus the idea for Turntable Worship. Dubbed "an exhibition in the art of turntable music," this is not just a night of spin masters doing their thing, but an evening where turntablism is identified (nay, certified) as a subversive, ever-evolving art form. "My whole reasoning behind this is to show people that it's not just deejaying anymore," explains Ceeplus. "It has progressed to an actual musical level, where compositions can be made."

The event will start in the main area with a two-hour "battle exhibition" in which each DJ will have four minutes to show off his or her technical skills. That will lead into "reDefinitions," in which beat junkies will have 30 minutes to perform their own original cut-and-paste compositions. For this segment, Ceeplus has called upon some pros for their services, including DJ Sun, the Krackernuttz, event co-conspirators Eustoned Brigade and Dallas native Rerog. Area two will have DJs like Joe B, Cipher and Good Grief dabbling in what can only be called "school bus funk," while area three will feature mixing performed by such record wreckers as Josh Zulu, Seth Jones and California kid Julius Papp.


Turntable Worship takes place on Saturday, March 3, at 1719 Live Oak. Show starts at 9 p.m. $7 donations before 11 p.m., $10 after. A portion of the proceeds benefits Youth Advocates of Houston. BYOB. For more information, call (713)455-8911.

Spinner Chello feels that this event will give people an idea of how much creative power truly lies with that seemingly outdated stereo component. "A club or an art show should be where we're trying to … take you on a musical ride and build enough sounds where we elevate you with the music," says Chello. "We're not [using] the same pop tracks. We don't want people singing. We want people feeling and moving."

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