Sputnik Declassified

If you think politics are interesting nowadays, imagine what it was like when the prize was the moon. Sputnik Declassified details the 1950s race for space between America and Russia. When the USSR got the first satellite up, the U.S. was shocked. How could this happen? After much finger-pointing, the consensus was that President Eisenhower was to blame. He wasn’t interested enough in the space program; he didn’t give it the support it needed (hmm, NASA must think this sounds familiar). For the last 50 years, that’s been the story. Now, after some Freedom of Information Act action, we see the truth. Eisenhower was extremely interested in the space program and made secret decisions that kept America on the ground for an extra year. It was all part of his bigger plan. (Insert maniacal laughter here.) 8 p.m. Aurora Picture Show, 800 Aurora. For information, call 713-666-2504 or visit www.documentaryalliance.org. $10.
Sat., April 25, 8 p.m., 2009

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