Straight-Up DysFunktional

At 37, comedian Eddie Griffin is honest about many things. He's honest about doing those Deuce Bigalow movies for the money. (Thank God he took the checks â?” he's the only funny thing in those flicks.) He's honest about his uncle Curtis, the porn-loving relative from his 2003 concert film/documentary DysFunktional Family. ("He sends me e-mails of all the porno stuff he gets off the Internet. But that's Uncle Curt â?” he ain't hurting nobody.")

And he's honest in his stand-up, just like his friend and mentor Richard Pryor. "We were friends for years," says Griffin. "He taught me to be honest with yourself and the audience. But I know he's in heaven, cracking everybody up." This fall, Griffin is planning to give Broadway audiences the terrible truth with his own one-man show, but until then, he'll be honing his humor at stand-up gigs.

At this weekend's show, expect Griffin to take aim at targets both pop-cultural and political: Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and our commander in chief. Like his pimp character in the Deuce Bigalow flicks, he'll pretty much be making them his he-bitches. Call or visit the web site for tickets and showtimes.
Feb. 9-12

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