Swingin' Singles

Joe Rocco

Here's the one thing those goofy commercials for low-carb beer featuring hot "sporty" people have gotten right: Playing sports on a date is hot. There's the fiery competition, the innuendo and, heck, the sweat. Plus, it's no secret that competitive sports are a surefire way to size up your partner's performance in, ahem, other areas. The folks at Flextennis have been making a racket in the local tennis scene by hooking up busy single folks with matches and, in some cases, each other. While traditional tennis clubs and leagues entail allotted courts and allotted times, Flextennis, run entirely online, allows players to schedule games and locations at any time and at any public or private court in the city. The service matches up players by schedule, ability and location, creating customized nine-week seasons. At the end, the best players compete in playoffs.

"It's really perfect for singles," says Ryan Barras of Flextennis. "You're not limited by when a club or league meets -- you can play whenever you want. And you'll meet players all over the city." With any luck, you'll create a real-life beer commercial of your own. Registration for Flextennis's spring season runs through January. For information, call 713-240-4706 or visit www.flextennis.com. $35 for season registration. - Steven Devadanam

Stretching Your Dollar

SAT 1/8

SpiBoGa: The only thing tougher than saying it might actually be doing it. At the trendy KickSport Intown Fitness club this Saturday, the 90-minute triathlon of spinning, tae bo and yoga will be otherwise known as a "Workout Against Cancer," as participants will be busting a gut for charity and fitness. Members and nonmembers can participate in three consecutive classes, starting with a burst of cardio on spinning bikes, then some self-defense, Billy Blanks-style, rounded out by a relaxing round of yoga poses. All proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and prizes will be awarded to top donors, but you can bet that your ass will benefit as well. The spinning starts at 11 a.m. Saturday, January 8. 3001 Richmond. For information and a pledge form, call 713-529-4700 or visit www.KickSportUSA.com. No minimum donation. -- Julia Ramey

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