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That's Just Silly

"Everyone's born an artist," says Jacob Calle, artist, amateur stuntman and curator of a new gallery show called "We Pretend to Communicate Through Paper Cups and String." The group exhibit, presented by Dean's Credit Clothing and, evokes a childlike realm — silly, absurd and fun. In fact, Calle imagined the exhibit as a Toys "R" Us-like revolt against growing up. New York artist Keren Richter has contributed her popular images, which have appeared in music videos and commercials on MTV2. "She's my favorite," says Calle. "Her work's very childlike but very grotesque and morbid. Like, there's this one painting of a girl holding an ax [Amputation Parade], and there's a skull coming out of her mouth and there's a unicorn." Another artist, Adam Cruces, delivered a series of paintings so bright they "kill your eyes," according to Calle. The exhibit is rounded out by a club of local and international kids at heart. Opening reception tonight from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Jan. 13-Feb. 22


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