The Stars Are Out

For Lorna Landvik, author of six best-selling novels, writing is an issue of character. "I don't write anything consciously by design," she says. "It's the characters who direct the stories." It appears, then, that we have the homely Violet Mathers to thank for Landvik's latest, Oh My Stars.

The novel begins in Kentucky with a full exposition of Violet's suffering. Abandoned by her mother and left to a cruel father at age six, Violet loses her arm in a sewing factory machine at age 16. Determined to end her miserable life, Violet sets out for San Francisco, where she plans to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. But en route, in North Dakota, a fateful bus wreck changes Violet's plans when she meets musicians Kjel and Austin, whose own rocky journey helps her realize that she's worth saving after all.

And if that isn't sweet enough for you, Landvik plans to kick things up a notch at her appearance. "I always give chocolate out at my readings," she says.
Thu., March 16, 7 p.m.

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