Tyrone Vaughan

In music circles, having a last name like Vaughan is sure to whip heads around. Austin’s Tyrone Vaughan has dropped the hyphenated Fullerton from his last name and embraced the mantle of Austin guitar-slingers the Vaughan brothers Stevie Ray and Jimmy — which is only proper since his father is Fabulous T-Bird Jimmy Vaughan. But folks who remember Vaughan’s previous band, Breedlove, don’t need to read his pedigree to know he’s got licks and been around the club scene long enough to know what to do with a Stratocaster. While he didn’t take up guitar until he was 20, ten years of hard touring have given an edge to Vaughan’s natural talent. It’s his songwriting that is drawing attention now — he’s just finished his debut record with Jeff Glixman, the legendary producer of Kansas and, like the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree, Vaughan will be laying down the greasy licks and singing the blues when the curtain goes up.

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