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Well-known Unknown

Unknown Hinson has made a name for himself by dressing up western rockabilly in B-movie clothing for some of the most horrified honky-tonk the graveyard has ever seen. His zany stylings have earned him nods from the likes of Matt Groening and Billy Bob Thornton. But Hinson isn't all theatrics; his skills as a guitar player have turned the heads of Tom Petty, ZZ Top's Dusty Hill and The Rolling Stones, who invited him to perform during their sound check in his hometown of Charlotte, NC. Hinson is also the voice of Early Cuyler on the Cartoon Network's Squidbillies. Today, Hinson headlines Another Werewolf Western, the Meridian's semi-regular showcase of rockabilly bands. The Hotrod Hillbillies, The Hates and The Easy Kings also perform.
Thu., July 13, 6 p.m.


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