What, No Doughnuts?

If you missed the opening for the "Heartbreaker" exhibition at Lawndale Art Center, well, then, "it sucks to be you," according to artist Stephanie Lundy. The decadent fete boasted about 50 dozen doughnuts. "It is worth seeing if you missed the doughnuts, I guess," Lundy says. "There's some art or something, but we're much more interested in eating than in making art. We'll be having a taco truck at our next one."

Sounds fun. But don't listen to her about the "art or something," a 17-piece collection of portraits by the collaborative art group Feast that's definitely worth seeing. Like fashion models, the portrait subjects assume fictional identities, becoming a security guard, a fox hunter, an athlete...all courtesy of Feast's six artists, specialists in fashion design, sculpture and photography. (And doughnuts, apparently.)
Fri., March 17, 6:30-8:30 p.m.; March 17-April 29

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