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White Mice

Out of all of our SXSW discoveries this year, nothing was as batshit insane as Rhode Island’s White Mice. Bridging the gap between the Locust and Ministry while donning garish, zombiefied mice costumes, the electro-metal trio trots out a relentless wall of noise, actually adding hooks where some of their peers may veer into the opposite direction. The vermin-centric band’s latest album, Ganjahovahdose, features massively miked drums from drummer Phlegmmy Killmicester, electrical mayhem from Cheesus and caustic vocals from MOUSEaTONGUE. The new album baits organized religion with songs like “The Shroud of Urine” and “The Ape-Caca-Lips,” but that’s nothing Al Jourgensen hasn’t been doing since, well, forever. If ever a band was built to play the anything-goes artistic confines of Super Happy Fun Land, for once White Mice may be it.
Wed., April 7, 8 p.m., 2010


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