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The S.W.A.T. Product's Rob G and V-Zilla
The S.W.A.T. Product's Rob G and V-Zilla
Courtesy of V-Zilla

Zilla's a Thrilla

SAT 9/24
V-Zilla has watched the reign of the Geto Boys in the early '90s, the emergence of the Screwed years and the current rise of Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul Wall. Now, the local boy's itching to join the ranks of the Houston rap and hip-hop acts that have made the big time. "Doing the whole underground thing, you take it for what it's worth," says V-Zilla, who for the past seven years has been pushing his style of hip-hop, which he says is "more focused on lyricism than the ice or the bling." This weekend at the Thunda'ground Showcase at the Proletariat, he and his crew the S.W.A.T. Product will headline a show that coincides with the release of The Monster Mixtape, a mix of choice original cuts he's done over the years. This might be the last time to catch V-Zilla before he blows up -- he recently signed a distribution deal with Sony for his upcoming LP, Interview with a Monster, which is slated to hit shelves in early 2006.

Zilla promises a killer show by supporting acts Pitch Brown, Hafaza, the Niyat and DJs Comp 1, Roo, Tech-Neek and Killa Kut. "We might end up shutting the Proletariat down," he says. He's not bragging, either: His last headlining Houston gig filled the Rhythm Room to capacity. "It was a really good night," he says. "It shows that my work is really starting to pay off." 9 p.m. Saturday, September 24. 903 Richmond. For tickets, call 713-523-1199 or visit $5; free for ladies. -- Travis Ritter

Market Square Bar & Grill's Pink Kamikaze


Thunda'ground Showcase

Thinking I might get a jump on the downtown Friday happy hour, I dodge the construction and pop into Market Square Bar & Grill (311 Travis, 713-224-6133). Kim, a hilariously hyperactive bartender, knows me. I mention to her that I've been drinking since 10 a.m. She laughs and says, "What's new?" I dive right into my next drink, a pink kamikaze. You know I'm wasted if I'm ordering a drink that reminds me of the female genitalia. After a few cocktails, this workingman's bar fills up with lawyers and contractors drinking rum and Diet Pepsi, yack! I unglue my ass from the barstool and brave the chaos outside to complete my own kamikaze mission: finding a ride home without getting a ticket for public intoxication.

2 ounces Grey Goose vodka
1 ounce Chambord
1 ounce triple sec
1 ounce sweet 'n' sour mix

Put everything in a shaker with ice and strain into a rocks glass. It's pink, so be sure to stick your pinkie out when you drink it. -- Jason Kerr

Good Ol' Boyz

SUN 9/25
They've hosted glitzy throwback parties full of vintage duds, sexy soirees with names like "Tribal Communion" and the straight-to-the-point "Boy Ball." And now, late-night partyers the Spoiled Boyz are throwing "The Dukes of Houston," an after-hours shindig that pays homage to the good ol' boys who never mean no harm -- and to the Spoiled Boyz' 50th event since 2002. The anniversary party features a Daisy Duke look-alike and Bo and Luke impersonators, who'll be roaming the floors of the new hotspot NEXT. Meanwhile, L.A. remix artist-DJ Dawna Montel will spin tracks for the beautiful people, who'll be sportin' daisy dukes and other "rebel country attire." 3:30 a.m. in the wee hours of Sunday, September 25. 2020 McKinney. For tickets, visit $15. -- Steven Devadanam

Project Party

FRI 9/23
The Heights-based MC Caption, Article C and Danimal have really stepped on the gas since they formed Studemont Project two years ago. Veterans of two South By Southwest showcases, the 2004 Houston Press Best Hip-hop winners are now pushing their delicious new EP, Avenue of the Observatory, which will be doled out at their release party this weekend. Get a load of this local crew's multifaceted talent and you'll be stopped dead in your tracks. Prog-rock band Program, DJs Lotus, Pistola and Joe B (whose dnb remix of "Got Worms" landed on the EP) support. 9 p.m. Friday, September 23. The Rusk House, 2905 Rusk. For information, call 281-382-4635 or visit $5. -- Travis Ritter


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