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The Ginger Man Pub

The Ginger Man Pub

Boasting what the bar claims is "America's largest selection of import draughts," the Ginger Man surely has a brew to suit you amongst the 68 on draft and additional 140-150 bottled suds.
Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

Don't miss the "steak night" special on Monday nights, when a 16-ounce USDA Choice ribeye with tossed salad and mashed potatoes is a bargain.
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

A smattering of old guitars and groovy fluorescent skating-rink stars decorate the walls, and Dan Electro's corner stage has played host to too many local and regional names to count (most often blues, folk, roots-rock and hard rock).

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  • R & R Sports Bar & Grill

    R & R Sports Bar & Grill

    1840 Barker Cypress Houston, TX 77084
    281-578-2704 R&R Sports Bar & Grill takes the dark and smoky approach to its decor, with long bar tables and a small stage made for off-key karaoke. Push the chairs aside and you can show that you were made for dancing all night long to the pub’s featured live bands. Or you can get onstage and start your own: This month, R&T hosts Big Slick and Inside Out. In addition to the live and homemade entertainment, R&R has daily drink specials, with $2 margaritas or $3 pint beers. From Thirsty Thursdays to Ladies Night, there’s always something going on here. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • R & R Sports Bar Friendswood

    R & R Sports Bar Friendswood

    3338 FM 528 Friendswood, TX 77546
    281-996-8300 R & R doesn't look like much has changed since whenever the classic sports bar opened - which, judging by the trading cards and Sports Illustrated covers trapped beneath the lacquered bar top, appears to be 1992 or '93. The Internet jukebox might be the newest thing here, and the wooden football helmets tucked behind the bar have probably been painted a few times to update the logos. The stage at the front hosts plenty of country and blues on Fridays and Saturdays, and a homemade painting of ZZ Top hovers over the soundboard. Tables take up the main floor space, while an array of big-screen TVs line the wall amidst paintings of Houston sports legends. In the back, a hazy cluster of dartboards, shuffleboard and pool tables lies among several ledges lined with barstools. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • R2's

    7 W. Main St. Humble, TX 77338

  • The Railyard

    The Railyard

    4200 San Felipe Houston, TX 77027
    713-621-4000 Neighborhood bars belong in every neighborhood, and The Railyard is proof. What makes this divey spot even more awesome than it would be otherwise is that it's divey and cheap in the middle of swanky River Oaks. Cheap beers, friendly bartenders, and a laid-back attitude all wrapped up in a package containing no dress code or douchey door guy: how could anyone ask for more? Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Ray Ray

    Ray Ray's Ice House

    6111 E. Freeway Houston, TX 77020

    For an icehouse, this Denver Harbor spot is everything it's supposed to be: Heavy on the charm, if not the beer and booze selection. At Ray Ray's neighbors congregate, down a beer or three, and settle in to watch a game on one of the big televisions while others play pool, darts, or marathon bouts of dominoes. The staff takes time to learn customers' names, and leaves a sign at their barstool when they head out to smoke a cigarette. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Re-Hab Houston

    Re-Hab Houston

    1920 Houston Ave. Houston, TX 77007
    713-225-1668 Don't let RE-HAB's name fool you. There are no struggling starlets chain-smoking and crying outside, or doctors dispensing methadone to Andy Dick in the back. There's just good beer, whiskey, shadowy stories and a burgeoning neighborhood crowd. (The name is a shortening of "Houston Avenue Bar.") Located on Houston Avenue near the White Oak Bayou bike trails and I-10, RE-HAB is one of the only true bars in its neck of the woods; judging by the amount of development nearby, it probably won't be alone for long. It has a decided ice-house vibe, from the two garage doors to the side patio and crazy salmon-colored interior. Be sure to check out the full suit of armor in the back corner, but you can't try it on no matter how much you beg, plead or tip. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rebels Honky Tonk

    Rebels Honky Tonk

    5002 Washington Houston, TX 77007
    713-862-7172 Rebels Honky Tonk is faux-country to the hilt, catering to the cowgirls and cowboys that haunt Washington Avenue. This place won't get any scene points from honky-tonk purists, but it will give you plenty to look at and dance to. The place is bigger than life, with oversized deck chairs out back and a kick-ass mural inside that looks like a scene from a Wild West whorehouse. Skimpily-dressed smiley blondes dish out the drinks at the two bars and several beer tubs are located throughout. The crowd is decidedly well-scrubbed and vanilla, but in a perfect world that shouldn't scare anyone away. Of course there is a mechanical bull outside on the patio. That was a silly question. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rebels Honky Tonk

    26710 I-45 Spring, TX 77386-1003

  • The Red Brick Tavern

    119 Simonton St. Conroe, TX 77301

  • Red Door

    Red Door

    2416 Brazos Houston, TX 77002
    713-256-9383 You have to jog a couple of flights to get to Red Door's main drinking hole, and that's A-OK with us. The red, black, and white decor reminds us a bit of Alice in Wonderland, which we love, but there's only so much Queen of Hearts we can take before its time to scamper out of the rabbit hole. Luckily once you do, the view from the main bar's adjacent patio will make you glad you ventured out of Wonderland and into the fall air in no time. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Red Lion Pub

    Red Lion Pub

    2316 S. Shepherd Houston, TX 77019
    713-782-3030 Don't let the red pleather-upholstered booths and faux Tudor timbers fool you. This isn't just another fake British pub. This is an authentically fake British pub. Founder and owner Craig Mallinson is the son of British folk singer Sarah Mallinson, and he bakes the Cornish pasties himself. He even has the "Fruity" variety of H&P sauce to slather on your sausage rolls. Order up a hearty ale to go with your curry and prepare to into a world of pleasure. Or sleep. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • The Refinery Burgers & Whiskey

    The Refinery Burgers & Whiskey

    702 W. Dallas St. Houston, TX 77019
    713-487-0029 A place where you can get a good, old-fashioned hamburger and a good Old Fashioned in one spot? That's the allure of The Refinery, an utterly unpretentious icehouse (and whiskey bar) that also happens to serve burgers and wings, situated right on the edge of downtown. Houston's skyline makes a gorgeous backdrop if you're sitting on The Refinery's patio. And if you're sitting inside, check out the refinery parts and oil rig accoutrements that make up the restaurant's tongue-in-cheek decor. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Reno


    20810 Gulf Freeway Webster, TX 77598

  • Reserve 101

    Reserve 101

    1201 Caroline Houston, TX 77002
    713-655-7101 Straight across the street off Caroline from House of Blues sits Reserve 101, your best bet for pre- and post-show refreshments. This corner bar may be small and narrow, but the drinks pack quite a punch for your buck. Check out the small lounge upstairs to mingle and relax with your glass. The whiskey and scotch list is the thing here, with most everything else running along the same lines as most other upstanding bars in town - think Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve and aged strains of anything else your hearty and thirsty tongue desires. We always judge a place by its well whiskey, and at Reserve 101 that starts with Jack Daniels. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Reserve Bar & Lounge

    723 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

  • Rice University Art Gallery

    Rice University Art Gallery

    6100 Main St. Houston, TX 77005-1827

  • Richmond Arms

    Richmond Arms

    5920 Richmond Houston, TX 77057
    713-784-7722 Richmond Arms is a lively, old-fashioned pub, complete with seasonal brews, too many beers on tap to count and a bevy of Celtic accents ringing throughout the establishment. Even during the week, an evening here feels like an Irish beer advertisement, with all the blazing fireplaces, pouring bartenders and smiling patrons. The pub is also a must for soccer and rugby fans, since it beams over the entirety of both sports' seasons from across the pond. Picnic tables are available outside for the smokers and sun-worshippers, but it's tough to beat the treasure on the inside walls: an array of photographs of regulars' friends and family, and newspaper clippings about the art of brewing beer and other entertaining topics. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Richmond Chill Bar & Grill

    Richmond Chill Bar & Grill

    4704 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77027
    713-622-0775 Richmond Chill may be tiny, but it packs in the regulars. Located just inside the Loop, the Chill reaps the benefits of a surprising amount of neighborhood foot traffic and encourages patrons to abide by its "Ride the Chill" motto. The beers are cheap, especially on Tuesdays when even Texas microbrews are $2 each. Seating is available at the cluster of tables throughout the room and barstools (which are often occupied), plus a couch and some tall tables lining the wall and a patio out front. Eclectic artwork from local artisans decks the walls, taking up nearly all the available space. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rick

    Rick's Den

    1203 Cavalcade St. Houston, TX 77009

    This used to be Oscar's Place for a very long time, but a young man named Rick has converted it into a very nice Tejano dancing venue. Strict dress code is enforced, so take your time getting ready. Inside, the dark room is highlighted with just the right amount of color, not too loud or too blinding, but comfortable. The DJ plays a mix of Tejano, cumbia, and even some tropical. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Ritz Houston

    Ritz Houston

    10520 Gulf Frwy Houston, TX 77034-1858

  • Roak On Kirby

    Roak On Kirby

    3320 Kirby Houston, TX 77098 Roak on Kirby is place to be every weekend, as the party people have made Upper Kirby the new designated pretty people stomping grounds in Houston. Built inside what used to be a funeral home and featuring a swimming pool and a massive main room bathed in blue light, Roak is routinely packed to the gills with sports stars and girls who look like they should be dating said sports stars. All in all, it's a beautiful bar, and there is no scary death-vibe here, at least not when we were posted up there. Yes, the swimming pool does get used, and we can only imagine the shenanigans that will go down once summer comes back to Houston. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rocca Bar

    Rocca Bar

    6306 Richmond Houston, TX 77057
    713-278-9700 Located in the land of jumbo bars off Richmond Avenue, Rocca Bar fits right in with its peers. This sizeable sports bar boasts a bevy of pool tables - 14, in fact -- as well as a host of tables and stools. An array of big-screen TVs floats over the wraparound three-well bar, and DJs set up on the small stage when it's not game time. Rocca's front patio beckons to smokers, and the kitchen serves up snacks such as wings and tenders. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rockaberry's Zydeco and Blues Ba

    3702 Cypress Creek Pkwy Houston, TX 77068

  • Roeder

    Roeder's Pub

    3116 S. Shepherd Houston, TX 77098
    713-524-4994 For those who think wood is good, Roeder's Pub salutes you. The floors? Bare wood. The bar? Wood. The tables and chairs? Wood and wood. Even the shutters are wood. In the desert of sizzling concrete that is the corner of Shepherd and Alabama, Roeder's offers a sylvan refuge, a dark and cool spot to chill with a single malt or pint of black beer. There's also a small parking lot patio, real darts, Golden Tee and a Britpop/alt-country juke for those who like their liquid retreats loud and/or active. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rogue's Pub

    13150 FM 529 Road Houston, TX 77041

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