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The Ginger Man Pub

The Ginger Man Pub

Boasting what the bar claims is "America's largest selection of import draughts," the Ginger Man surely has a brew to suit you amongst the 68 on draft and additional 140-150 bottled suds.
Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

Don't miss the "steak night" special on Monday nights, when a 16-ounce USDA Choice ribeye with tossed salad and mashed potatoes is a bargain.
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

A smattering of old guitars and groovy fluorescent skating-rink stars decorate the walls, and Dan Electro's corner stage has played host to too many local and regional names to count (most often blues, folk, roots-rock and hard rock).

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  • Houston Live Sports Lounge

    209 Jackson St. Houston, TX 77002-2228

  • Howl At The Moon

    Howl At The Moon

    612 Hadley Houston, TX 77002
    713-658-9700 If you don't dig blatant innuendo and hearing Billy Joel songs shouted every ten minutes, then Midtown's Howl At The Moon probably isn't for you - just stay at Lola's where you belong. But if you don't mind mingling with college kids and pockets of nouveau-yuppies literally drinking buckets of Long Island Iced Teas, then by all means stay a spell. Howl At The Moon dishes out one hell of a dueling piano show with a profane yet affable charm, calling out the sheepish boys in the crowd while also championing the pink-thonged throngs sipping girlie drinks up front. HATM is a national chain, but each location takes on the vibe its surroundings, meaning you will hear plenty of ZZ Top and the stray Geto Boys joint deep in the heart of Midtown. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Isis Houston

    Isis Houston

    1010 Prairie St. Houston, TX 77002

  • Jet Lounge

    Jet Lounge

    1515 Pease St. Houston, TX 77002-7729

  • Komodo

    Komodo's Pub

    2004 Baldwin Houston, TX 77002

    Despite the reptilian name, snakeskin or any other animal-print decor is nowhere to be found at Komodo's Pub. Instead, the converted residence in the heart of Midtown is more like visiting your grandmother's house — albeit with a large bar in the middle of the living room and a backyard patio. Good for large groups or date nights, Komodo's draws a lively crowd in tune with the casual atmosphere and eclectic jukebox. For those coming straight from work, the bar's lengthy list of shots allows plenty of options for blowing off steam after a day droning at the office. Remember to create tangible and incriminating artifacts from your evening in the bar's photobooth. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • La Carafe

    La Carafe

    813 Congress Houston, TX 77002
    713-229-9399 Housed in the oldest commercial building in town, La Carafe exudes history. The jukebox plays no small part in this process, stocked as it is with Benny Goodman and Lady Day, and so do the candles behind the bar resting atop mountains of their own melted wax. The brick walls are covered with photos and paintings of the city in bygone days and even one of the city's namesake. The museum-worthy collection is dominated by a huge portrait of Sam Houston himself. A weekend afternoon here taking in the downtown scenes will really make you fall in love with Houston all over again. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Last Concert Cafe

    Last Concert Cafe

    1403 Nance St. Houston, TX 77002
    713-226-8563 Decades' worth of Houstonians have knocked for admittance on this unmarked Warehouse District door. Inside, the current incarnation serves up respectable Tex-Mex and stout green-chile-and-potato soup. Same old booths, same vintage glass-block bar, same funky patio -- now with funky local musicians holding forth. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Leon

    Leon's Lounge

    1006 McGowen Houston, TX 77002

    Under the Volcano owners Pete and Vera Mitchell have revitalized this small Midtown drinkery while maintaining its cozy, dim feel. The alley-like corridor along the main bar still gives way to two ornate back rooms, but gone are the ancient piano and the wall-mounted jukebox. Instead, the Mitchells have collected more than 600 LPs for the staff to spin on twin turntables behind the bar. Local music figures routinely host DJ nights, spinning from the bar's library and their own wax. Leon's rotating drink menu features inventive cocktails like the Green on Red, a rum concoction garnished with red pepper and basil, and Volcano carryovers such as the Whiskey Smash. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Little Dipper

    Little Dipper

    304 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

    Little Dipper may not have food to soak away your blues, but they do have lots of alcohol. These local bar veterans, with their Poison Girl credentials, also know all of the ways to fix what it's done to ya, child. Just hop on in there and ask 'em. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Lone Star Saloon

    Lone Star Saloon

    1900 Travis Houston, TX 77002

    Located across the street from the main Metro bus station and a few blocks from the Greyhound hub, the Lone Star Saloon is in the heart of Downtown Houston. This means the crowd is made up of aging townies and world-weary road dogs, and tends to be somewhat earthy, though rarely out-and-out unfriendly. Dial up some Bob Seger and George Strait on the jukebox, dip into the cheap buckets of Lone Star beer, and erase the troubles of a long day at the office or on the highways. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Lucie

    Lucie's Liquors

    534 Texas Houston, TX 77002
    713-836-2276 Located inside the same Bayou Place corridor as Chapel Spirits, PBR Houston and Shark Bar, Lucie's the hardest to pin down. The vintage black-and-white boozing photos on the walls and dark wood furnishings scream Montrose watering hole, while the gigantic television and Top 40 hits coming from the DJ booth are completely Midtown and Washington Avenue. Still, the pours are strong, the patio is lively, and the dance floor gets intense late in the evening. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge

    Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge

    1201 San Jacinto Houston, TX 77002
    713-343-3300 Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge is either an uptown bar with a bowling alley inside, or a bowling alley with an adjacent uptown bar. Either way, every weekend the place is packed with happy revelers hitting the pins and the bar until their rental shoes fall off or last call is shouted. Located in the Houston Pavilions complex steps away from House of Blues, Lucky Strike is a perfect place to lounge before or after a concert, throw a birthday bash or go on an awkward first date. Its party options, from catering to bottle service, will help your event go off without a hitch. Don't miss the excellent pop art on the walls, and do keep the dress code in mind - Lucky Strike doesn't go for baggy clothes or athletic gear of any kind, be it jerseys or ballcaps. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Maple Leaf Pub

    Maple Leaf Pub

    514 Elgin Houston, TX 77002
    713-520-6464 Established by a hockey-crazed husband-and-wife team, the bar even comes complete with a small penalty box just like at a rink, although it wasn't in use the night we staggered in. Jerseys and autographed memorabilia are plastered all over, along with maple leafs of all shapes and sizes. Maple Leaf has become a neighborhood staple in Midtown, catering to the young professionals and, considering the neighborhood, the pub's drink prices are actually decent. If sports on TV ain't your poison, try one of the many board games lying around. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>



    1001 Austin St. Houston, TX 77010
    832-360-2222 MKT BAR is located right inside Phoenicia Specialty Foods, one of the best grocery stores in the city. It's also not a bad little date place, with enough dim lighting and extensive wine and beer lists to keep you busy in addition to the bar food. All of the music is local, and ranges from DJ sets, jazz combos, light rock offerings so it's not too intrusive. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Molly

    Molly's Pub (Downtown)

    509 Main Houston, TX 77002
    713-222-1033 Voted into Tom Horen's Top Ten Irish Establishments in America, Molly's Pub offers Irish drinks and pub eats in the heart of downtown. The kitchen is open late, and daily drink specials include specialty shots and cocktails like the Blind Russian - a twist on the White Russian with Bailey's thrown into the mix. Nine-to-fivers can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and cheap daily lunch specials from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or play a quick game of pool or darts in the back room before heading back to work. For the most part, Molly's has a laid-back atmosphere during the week, but becomes more boisterous whenever jersey-clad patrons gather to watch sporting events on the multiple TV screens. The bar, open 365 days a year, also hosts live music from time to time. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Mongoose Versus Cobra

    Mongoose Versus Cobra

    1011 McGowen St. Houston, TX 77002
    713-650-6872 Midtown has no shortage of bars. But it does have a shortage of bars that are serious about their product — craft beer in this case — while playful and casual at the same time. You don't have to dress up to enjoy a Friday night here. You don't even have to enjoy beer, as the classic cocktail menu is equally solid. But beers are still the advised poison of choice, with a rotating list of more than 40 draft brews that range from quirky local experiments like Buffalo Bayou casks to an array of terrific Belgians. The wood-and-metal-laden interior is cool and loft-like, with a Brooklyn vibe that belies its Bayou City roots. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • The Nightingale Room

    308 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

    COMING SOON Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Notsuoh


    314 Main Houston, TX 77002
    713-409-4750 In the midst of all the hip-hop gals strutting their shimmery stuff down the way and businessmen letting loose over a pint or two over at the Flying Saucer lies the ever-freaky Notsuoh. Yes, all you English majors out there, that is in fact Houston spelled backwards. Owner Jim Pirtle's iconic bar and music venue has the lockdown on the strange and transient downtown vibe. Notsuoh is an oasis of insanity in a part of town still undecided on what it wants to be. Most nights you can find a handful of homeless guys out front preaching their gospel next to a group of hipsters smoking American Spirits and sniffing incessantly about their new noise project. It's a side of Houston that maybe the tourism board doesn't want you to see, but it's Houston nonetheless. Rest assured that no two Notsuoh experiences are ever the same. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Nouveau Antique Art Bar

    Nouveau Antique Art Bar

    2913 Main Houston, TX 77002
    713-526-2220 Furnished with close to 100 reproduction Tiffany lamps and furniture pieces, Nouveau Antique Art Bar looks fragile on first glance. It's definitely got a wild streak to it, judging by the cougars ripping up the dance floor with their prey on any given Friday and Saturday evening. This is definitely a great date place, with scattered couches, proper seating choices, and darkly lit corners and pathways. The soundtrack runs from Jimmy Durante to Frank Sinatra, fitting the vibe of this spacious Main establishment like a crisp fedora. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • The Pastry War

    310 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

  • PBR Houston

    PBR Houston

    534 Texas Houston, TX 77002
    713-836-2278 PBR Houston is the city's newest cowboy bar, occupying the space in Bayou Place that used to hold the late, lamented RocBar and Mosaic. Professional Bull Riders, Inc. is a partner in the bar, meaning that yes, there is a mechanical bull handy for you to try your luck, a heavy Jack Daniel's presence, and plenty of scantily clad cowgirls in bikinis and leather chaps serving up booze between turns dancing on the bartops. Think RocBar gone rodeo with a pronounced dance-club feel, which means you can hear George Strait and Ke$ha in a five-minute span, and learn to Dougie in your Ropers. The large patio, inherited from Mosaic, is ideal for parties, smoking and watching the crowds leaving Verizon Wireless Theater below. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Pete

    Pete's Dueling Piano Bar

    1201 Fannin Houston, TX 77002
    713-337-7383 If you think all piano bars are the same, think again. Yes, Billy Joel's "Piano Man" is the most requested song at just about each one, but few establishments operate at the level of Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. For starters, consider the two pianos - while a packed house sings along, two stalwarts pound out everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Dr. Dre for a crowd full of lawyers, MBAs and both urban cowboys and cowgirls. The Houston Pavilions watering hole is an exceptionally popular spot for bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations, and the maestros will play just about anything if the price is right. Wednesday or Thursday nights are free, but Fridays and Saturdays do cost a meager cover charge. Take note that the bar is often full to the brim on weekends, so it's wise to call ahead and reserve a table. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Phul Court Sports Bar

    1311 Leeland Houston, TX 77002

  • Phul Court Sports Bar

    1311 Leeland Houston, TX 77002

  • Red Door

    Red Door

    2416 Brazos Houston, TX 77002
    713-256-9383 You have to jog a couple of flights to get to Red Door's main drinking hole, and that's A-OK with us. The red, black, and white decor reminds us a bit of Alice in Wonderland, which we love, but there's only so much Queen of Hearts we can take before its time to scamper out of the rabbit hole. Luckily once you do, the view from the main bar's adjacent patio will make you glad you ventured out of Wonderland and into the fall air in no time. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

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