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The Ginger Man Pub

The Ginger Man Pub

Boasting what the bar claims is "America's largest selection of import draughts," the Ginger Man surely has a brew to suit you amongst the 68 on draft and additional 140-150 bottled suds.
Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

Don't miss the "steak night" special on Monday nights, when a 16-ounce USDA Choice ribeye with tossed salad and mashed potatoes is a bargain.
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

A smattering of old guitars and groovy fluorescent skating-rink stars decorate the walls, and Dan Electro's corner stage has played host to too many local and regional names to count (most often blues, folk, roots-rock and hard rock).

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  • 1500 Lounge

    Yale & 15th Houston, TX 77008

  • 360 Sports Lounge

    360 Sports Lounge

    4601 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007
    713-677-0398 360 Sports Lounge may look like another faceless sports bar from just driving by. But the inside is filled with marble tables, high-backed chairs, dark lighting, a separate room for pool sharks, a small area with a sectional leather couch to watch things without balls, helmets or nets. Provided you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere away from the two-story sports bars and super-chains down the street, this one will satisfy. Read more about 360 Sports Lounge >>

  • 4500 Washington Avenue

    4500 Washington Avenue

    4500 Washington Houston, TX 77007

  • Alice

    Alice's Tall Texan Drive Inn

    4904 N. Main Houston, TX 77009

    Contrary to popular belief, Alice's Tall Texan sells more than just 18-ounce Shiner and Lone Star beers in giant fishbowl-shaped goblets. Although those two drinks are popular choices among many patrons, no doubt, the bar also serves a number of domestic beers in bottles as well as a handful of Mexican imports and Gallo wines. Setups are also available if you'd prefer to bring in your own bottle of wine or a bottle of liquor. The old jukebox packed with classic country favorites for many years has now been replaced with an Internet model, but have no fear, when we visited on a recent afternoon the regulars still played those old-time favorites. (The Tall Texan's large Hispanic clientele also likes to play salsa, Tejano, and norteño as well, which was not available on the old jukebox.) This neighborhood bar is a very friendly, welcoming place no matter your background or age; don't be surprised if strangers offer to buy you beers all night. There is a table by the jukebox where patrons bring in food to share with everyone in the bar, you can help yourself to it or bring in food for yourself if you like. Alice still runs the place and is very nice, just don't upset her by putting your feet up on her tables. And guys, she does not permit sleeveless shirts in her place. Read more about Alice's Tall Texan Drive Inn >>

  • Beer Market Co.

    Beer Market Co.

    920 Studemont St. Houston, TX 77007
    713-426-9035 Beer Market Company has thrown down the gauntlet to beer bars across Houston by offering up more than 365 different brews; customers can drop in and have a different beer here every day of the year. The manager we spoke with mentioned they are thinking of coming up with some kind of prize for patrons who accomplish this feat. Most beers here are bottled, with 24 on draft and further options coming soon. Besides the jaw-dropping beer selection, the food here has also been a hit, with the “Mac ‘N Cheese Burger” and the “Brew Pretzels with Real Ale 'Hans Pils' Cheese Dip” among the favorites. The place is also a sports bar, with 30 TVs spread out across the place including several outside on the spacious wrap-around patio. Beer Market is a dog-friendly establishment, and plans to add more locations throughout the city in the future. Read more about Beer Market Co. >>

  • Big Star Bar

    Big Star Bar

    1005 W. 19th Houston, TX 77008
    281-501-9560 Big Star has settled delicately into its surroundings, offering a welcome respite from the faux-Austin digs of Cedar Creek around the corner. The décor is shabby chic, with couches and oddly-shaped loungers throughout, and every now and then you can catch a free indie or blues show inside. The bartenders are old hands at the strong pour, and the music is always on point, be it from the juke or the satellite-radio system. Big Star is a good place to hang out - or hide out - on a weeknight, and an even better spot to host a get-together on the back patio, which just expanded even farther behind the bar. Read more about Big Star Bar >>

  • Blue Label Lounge

    4500 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007-5476

  • The Boom Boom Room

    The Boom Boom Room

    2518 Yale Houston, TX 77008
    713-868-3740 This Heights wine bar has a funky, bold, colorful '60s decor, and serves some of the best bar food around, with live music to boot. Boom Boom Room has an extensive international wine list, offering many by the glass, along with some wonderful beers. At lunch, it's easy to fill up on their panini - there's salami, beef and tuna versions, to name a few - and the cheese plate and mezze platter both go down well with the wines. Try the homemade strawberry shortcake. Read more about The Boom Boom Room >>

  • Bubba

    Bubba's Sports Bar & Grill

    6225 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007

    Bubba's remains a refuge and ultimate neighborhood hang for the Rice Military drinking class. Though it may look small from the road, but it's bigger than you think. The spirits and beer selection is likewise small, but adequate for a bar that stays simple and true to its patrons. Read more about Bubba's Sports Bar & Grill >>

  • Buffalo Fred

    Buffalo Fred's Icehouse

    2708 N. Shepherd Houston, TX 77008
    713-863-9409 This family-run north Heights neighborhood bar and biker haunt sits on North Shepherd just inside the Loop, offering cold beers, a smattering of televisions to watch the games, and friendly faces making the pours. Throw in a few pool tables and a nice back patio, and customers can be hard-pressed to leave. When the weather's nice, the garage doors roll up to let the breeze blow through, and Fred's regulars swear by the barbecue that often shows up on the weekends. Read more about Buffalo Fred's Icehouse >>

  • C & F Drive Inn

    C & F Drive Inn

    6714 N. Main Street Houston, TX 77009

    The C & F stands for Cortez and Family, and this Heights neighborhood ice house has indeed been run by the Cortez family since opening in 1987. C & F has some of the cheapest beer we have come across in the city, a bucket of domestic for only a jaw-dropping $3.25. Schoolteachers, lawyers, auto mechanics, and people from every other conceivable walk of life from the neighborhood and beyond drop in for the cheap drinks and laid-back, friendly atmosphere. A game of pool costs only 50 cents, but if you knock the ball off the table you are required to put a dollar into the jukebox. The jukebox is of the Internet variety, and our bartender informed us that classic rock, Selena and Tom Jones are among some of the favorites. A corner full of games resembling video-poker machines out of Las Vegas sits with a warning sign advising “for amusement only.” The back yard allows for occasional barbecues and games of horseshoes and washers. Football is big here, with the Houston Texans the favorite pro team and Texas Tech and especially the University of Texas the preferred college squads. Former UT Heisman winner and Houston Oilers legend Earl Campbell even stopped in for a beer once. Read more about C & F Drive Inn >>

  • The Caddy Shack Bar & Grill

    The Caddy Shack Bar & Grill

    1809 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007
    713-426-1812 Despite the name, there is no direct tie-in between the Caddy Shack and the beloved Chevy Chase/Bill Murray golf comedy, or golf at all for that matter. Football is the game of choice at this cozy Washington Avenue sports bar, and the majority of sports memorabilia here is football-related, including a framed and signed jersey from Houston Oilers great Earl Campbell. A shelf full of authentic NFL and college helmets is also on display alongside some baseball and basketball stuff, to a lesser degree. Watch your game of choice on the 11 TVs hanging on the walls; the bar plans to add more on the outside deck still under construction. Sandwiches, burgers, nachos and chicken wings are among the food selections and, unusual for a sports bar, breakfast is served from 5:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. Come out to watch big pay-per-view boxing matches free of charge, and try the game-day specials served up by the friendly staff, who like to talk sports with the patrons. Read more about The Caddy Shack Bar & Grill >>

  • Cafe Luxor Hookah Bar & Grill

    Cafe Luxor Hookah Bar & Grill

    3730 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007
    713-864-0000 This Egyptian-themed cafe, bar and hookah lounge features Egyptian murals painted by a local Heights artist throughout the building and patio, the highlight being the painting of King Tut and the pyramids behind the performance stage. Cafe Luxor serves up a variety of liquors, wines and beers, including six different varieties of beers from Houston's Karbach Brewing Company. The hookah has a local connection as well, as a large number of the 75-plus favored tobaccos offered come from the Haze Tobacco company in Stafford. An international food menu includes Mediterranean and Persian dishes as well as American bar food like pizzas, burgers and wings; the lemon-pepper wings are a customer favorite, according to the food and beverages manager we spoke with. Italian coffee imported from Italy is also available along with a variety of energy drinks, as well as Dom Pérignon champagne for that special occasion. Luxor calls itself the place “Where The Fun Never Stops,” and to prove it offers a weekly schedule of events that includes open-mike night, karaoke, live music and live belly dancers who mix things up by sometimes dancing with swords, fire and snakes. All ages are welcome at Luxor, which stays open until 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, serving coffee, hookah and food after hours until closing. Read more about Cafe Luxor Hookah Bar & Grill >>

  • Cancun Drive-In

    222 Yale St. Houston, TX 77007-3604

  • Canyon Creek Cafe

    Canyon Creek Cafe

    6603 Westcott St. Houston, TX 77007

    Just a skip away from Memorial Park and housed in a converted pool hall, Canyon Creek Cafe oozes the same laid-back, Hill Country vibe as sister restaurants Onion Creek, Dry Creek, and Cedar Creek. Head out to the open patio and relax with a few cold ones while noshing on beef empanadas and spicy salsa verde, artichoke hummus and veggies, or a variety of sandwiches, salads and more. On weekends, grab a seat under the umbrella-covered tables to enjoy a tall cup of coffee and a leisurely Southern-style breakfast, served until 2 p.m. Read more about Canyon Creek Cafe >>

  • Castillo's Bar

    313 Coronado St. Houston, TX 77009-3932

  • Cedar Creek

    Cedar Creek

    1034 W. 20th Houston, TX 77008
    713-808-9623 Cedar Creek Cafe is a beer-and-burger joint that calls itself a Hill Country Cafe and wishes it was in Austin. The yearning for the vibe of Texas' hipster capital is overwhelming. Take advantage of the free wi-fi -- when it is free that is -- and soak in the frat element here. The excellent house java is supplied by Katz Coffee Company, and the breakfasts are excellent, even though the restaurant doesn't open until 11 a.m. on most days. Read more about Cedar Creek >>

  • Christian

    Christian's Tailgate Grill & Bar (Heights)

    2820 White Oak Houston, TX 77007
    713-863-1207 Over the past few years, Houston has watched as the lower Heights area has expanded with new developments, first telegraphed by Onion Creek and Fitzgerald's renaissance on the corner of Studewood and White Oak. The Christian's Tailgate folks were watching, and have opened their third location just a few doors down from Fitz and Jimmy's Ice House to get in on the action. This new Tailgate is built for Texas weather, with an outdoor bar ventilated by a few open garage doors, and a back bar for those less inclined to sweat while they drink. As with the Midtown Tailgate, the burgers are the stars, and the Playboy-lauded victuals are in full effect here. Parking problems have been alleviated by an open lot across the street from the bar, so this location is a perfect spot to pre-game before taking in a concert down the way. Read more about Christian's Tailgate Grill & Bar (Heights) >>

  • Citizen Lounge

    4606 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007-5434

  • The Corkscrew

    The Corkscrew

    1308 W. 20th St. Houston, TX 77008
    713-864-9463 Previously located on Washington Avenue, the Corkscrew seems to be doing better than ever since its move to the Heights, which is going on three and a half years now. In fact it was voted Best Wine Bar in 2013 by our readers, a fact proudly displayed on a banner out in front. The Corkscrew is a fun, energetic, yet laid-back wine bar serving a broad spectrum of patrons of all ages and walks of life. Along with its eclectic wine selection, a full bar is available, as well as bottled and canned craft beers. The food here can be described as upscale bar food, featuring such favorites as thin-crust pizzas and Italian paninis, and Tuesday's steak night is not to be missed. Live music is played here every night of the week except on Sundays, with the highlights being Friday and Saturday nights featuring resident band Nick Greer & The G's, who play an energetic mix of funk, blues, soul and hip-hop. Nick tickles the ivories solo on Thursday nights. The Corkscrew's owner is a local longtime Heights resident whose words of wisdom are painted throughout the walls of the bar. Also of note here is the door on display from the first speakeasy in The Heights, which dates back to the early 1900s. Read more about The Corkscrew >>

  • Darkhorse Tavern

    Darkhorse Tavern

    2207 Washington Houston, TX 77007
    713-426-2442 Darkhorse is an anomaly on a street that has recently been famed more for its stiff dress codes and social mores than its drinking habits. But don't let what surrounds DH keep you away. This place fits the hardy drinker like a glove, with ample old-school bar space to accommodate your horde at prices that won't hurt your wallet worse than your head. Read more about Darkhorse Tavern >>

  • Darwin

    Darwin's Theory

    33 Waugh Drive Houston, TX 77007
    713-992-0396 The owner says he named Darwin's Theory after his favorite bar in Alaska, and that the name also reflects his desire to see the Washington Avenue corridor customer base evolve from suburban nightclub-hoppers into residential neighborhood-bar patrons. No kind of political statement on the creationism/evolution debate is intended, and all fun-seekers are welcome. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the fantastic artwork painted on the walls which looks like some of the best graffiti you have ever seen, including a giant chimp decked out like Che Guevara with the words “Viva La Evolucion” scrawled above it. People are invited to bring in their dogs and their children; the dogs are free to stay all night but the kids have to leave by 10 p.m. Darwin's serves classic cocktails as well as trendy drinks like Moscow Mules, plus Houston and greater Texas regional craft beers on tap in 18 oz recyclable plastic cups. Dirt-cheap Natural Light in cans is also available, as well as uncommon drinks not normally found in Houston bars, like King Cobra 40s and stereotypical wino favorites Mad Dog 20/20 and Thunderbird. Cards, board games, and Foosball are available to play while watching cartoons on the TVs and eating upscale bar food, and plans are underway for pool, air hockey and Street Fighter 2 tournaments. Read more about Darwin's Theory >>

  • Down The Street

    Down The Street

    5746 Larkin St Houston, TX 77007
    713-880-3508 This new Heights-area bar on a quiet street, easily accessible from I-10, is somewhat of a hidden gem; it is definitely a neighborhood bar, and has been attracting young adults who have bought new condos that are springing up in the area as well as longtime residents. Down the Street looks like a friendly, rustic Texas icehouse, with a seating area out front and dirt-covered parking lot, but serves liquor and has a full bar to go along with their impressive collection of wines and beers, many of which come from Texas breweries. The owners are foodies at heart, and as far as we know this is the only place in town to get a pizza like the Larkin, which is topped with smoked duck breast, cherry glaze, fresh pears, crumbled blue cheese and pesto; the rest of the menu is equally impressive. Come check out some of the popular weekly specials, like Moscow Mule Night Thursdays and College Game Burger Day Saturdays. Read more about Down The Street >>

  • D & T Drive Inn

    D & T Drive Inn

    1307 Enid Houston, TX 77009
    713-868-6165 According to our bartender, this historic Heights ice house was named after the original owner's kids, Dan and Ted. Opened in 1959 but now under new ownership, the place has gained a loyal following among craft-beer fans, with 51 different taps available. A favorite drink among patrons is the house-made Frozen Shandy, a beer and lemonade mix that is tart and sweet simultaneously. Employees describe the food as being much better than usually found in an average bar, with smoked pork nachos and Frito pie topped with beef stew, pickled jalapenos and smoked pimento cheese among the favorite items. Tuesday is steak night, offering a New York Strip or rib-eye with a loaded baked potato and salad. Out back, shaded picnic tables and benches are available and provide a laid-back, backyard party vibe, where the diverse crowd here enjoys the eclectic music selections on the jukebox, many from local musicians: country, blues, soul, punk and more. Read more about D & T Drive Inn >>

  • Ei8ht


    5102 Washington Houston, TX 77007
    713-880-3500 This urban lounge provides a perfect vibe for its Washington Avenue patrons, with more than enough room for everyone to party. Ei8ht is huge, and on capacity nights you can find people dancing downstairs, upstairs and at one of the several bars present throughout the club. Try one of Ei8ht's sizable outdoor party areas. The rooftop deck for a bit of seclusion, and the expansive front patio for a welcome breath of fresh air. For you to smoke on. Read more about Ei8ht >>

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